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Italian Song Festival

  • 09.10.2017 15:30
  • Master Theater 1029 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn NY, 11235, NY
  • идут: 3 Я иду на это событие!
  • https://secure.ticketsny.com//websales.aspx?u=ticketsny&pid=321433
The Italian Song Festival is a singing competition modeled after the Sanremo Song Festival where 10 Italian singers will compete with an original song. 5 from Italy and 5 from the rest of the world.
Our special guest and head of the jury will be RICCARDO FOGLI who will also perform some of his best known hits.
Additional guests from Italy will be GIANNI NAZZARO and HIT ITALY (imitation of RICCHI E POVERI) who will also sing their well known hits.
In addition local singing sensation from America’s Got Talent SAL “The Voice” VALENTINETTI and ANGELO VENUTO and VOICES will perform.
Event will be televised for broadcast on RAI Television worldwide.

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