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Master Class with Mr.Jordan Belfort

The Real Wolf Of Wall Street - The financial market legend, who became the prototype of the protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s iconic film, Jordan Belfort went down in history under the nickname of "The Wolf of Wall Street". At the age of 25, he founded one of the most successful brokerage firms in history, whose turnover exceeded one billion dollars and had more than a thousand employees.

On February 22, Belfort will hold a master class in New York, where he will talk about the sales secrets that helped him to earn billions. SPEND 1 FULL DAY WITH JORDAN BELFORT, THE WORLD'S #1 SALES TRAINER AND CREATOR OF THE STRAIGHT LINE SYSTEM
During the session he will talk about,
Your training will be customized to directly match your own SALES DNA, which will be identified using the industry’s first scientifically proven sales-psychology profiling-index, the JBSCI. Just a few things you will discover:

Your 4 strongest sales competencies – and how to access them in every sale, so every day becomes your best day
Your 4 weakest sales competencies – and how to instantly shore them up, using the Straight Line system
What makes you "tick" as a salesperson - and how to harness those powerful, inner game forces that allow you to be the best you can possibly be
A step-by-step action plan for your specific industry that will increase your closing rate 40% - 100%

The tickets are now on sale. Hurry up to register and choose the best places at the lowest price!

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