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JAZZ FOR CAUSE - Appreciation Event For People That Care

JAZZ FOR CAUSE - Appreciation Event For People That Care
Organized by Endless Generosity to benefit our Neighbors in Need

Requirement: good heart and soul

Special Guest Stars:

Monika Oliveira - One of The Most Celebrated Brazilian Jazz Singers In New York. She combines her love of Brazil’s musical heritage and her love of Jazz into a sultry variation on both – Brazilian MPB Jazz that is at once moving and rhythmic, pure and passionate.

Joey Morant (known as "Mr. Entertainer") – He electrifies audiences with his dazzling horn technique, skillful scat singing, and humorous asides. His Louis Armstrong interpretations, both playing and singing, are extraordinary.

Silvano Monasterios - Grammy nominated jazz pianist, composer and producer. Born in Caracas, Monasterios has been considered as one of the major jazz artists to emerge from Venezuela.

Gene Torres - Playing bass, one note at a time!!! His first major label recording was with James Mason on the Rhythm of Life album. The recording is celebrated as a work that sparked a music revolution in England, which has become known worldwide as Acid Jazz. The album remains in the top 100 in England and is a collector’s item.

Yaacov Mayman - a talented young saxophonist whose unforgettable performances is swept throughout Europe and now performing in New York.

Darrell Smith - is the most in-demand musicians across many of the world’s most famous stages.

Baby Soda Jazz Band - playing the music common to the street bands in New Orleans

Founded in 2015, Endless Generosity is a New York Based food rescue and delivery Non-Profit Organization that works very closely with our members to reach vulnerable populations in need. Seniors, less privileged communities, and schools experience insufficient access to food, which affects their mental, physical, and social well-being. People in poverty don’t just need nutrition, they deserve the dignity of a good meal and community support.

Our main focus is the importance of giving. Whether it is a small contribution or a large one, helping one another is an integral part of every community. We are looking to change the lives of people in need every single day with the smallest gestures of kindness, thereby, making a large impact to their lives.

Our Mission is simple, “Saving Lives by Saving Food”

Even though this is the first event of its kind, talk is already being generated on social media and the close nit jazz lover’s community of New York City. We expect a sold out crowd which will include a vast array of ages and professions. The target audience are people who enjoy good music and are willing to help out in their communities

You can support this mission and be a part of JAZZ FOR CAUSE by purchasing tickets to the EVENT, placing advertisements in the program, donating prizes, making a contribution, and supplying products for the gift bags. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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